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The challenge for this project lay in designing a home to accommodate a three-generation family. Throughout the design process, we worked closely with each family member to ensure that everyone could have a say in the outcome of the design process.


In order to inculcate a harmonious living environment, a conscious effort was made to incorporate more social spaces throughout the home. Apart from the main living and dining spaces, various smaller social settings were intentionally created. Daybeds and bar tables could serve as cosy areas for family members to spend time together over conversation; and in the study, rather than having a study desk, a central wooden table was designed to serve as a place where group study or even informal gatherings could take place. 


Glass doors were used to separate the different spaces on the first storey in order to keep them visually connected, enhancing the sense of a large, connected space rather than a segmented one. Meanwhile, the second storey remains reserved as a private sanctuary for the family, with each of the three rooms designed for a generation of the family.


The double-volumed balcony at the rear of the home was designed as an integral part of the home, rather than relegating it to a back-of-house service yard as is often the case in many HDB maisonettes. Large glass sliding doors create a seamless connection between the living room and the balcony, which has been filled with greenery and transformed into a bright and lush garden space.


The family had chosen to bring over many artefacts from their previous home, including their old sofa, dining ensemble and various other pieces of furniture. The designers used these to lend an eclectic touch to the home, while matching them with new pieces of furniture in a way that kept the overall space coherent and homely.

This project was featured by Home & Decor Singapore on 7 Nov 2018.

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