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living room dining room open kitchen interior design



The homeowners of this HDB flat at Holland Close are a young married couple with a newborn, who wanted a home designed to accommodate an evolving family over the forthcoming years.

An open plan was designed, combining the living, dining and kitchen areas into a single large open space. This allows the outgoing couple to accommodate large gatherings comfortably. Light can also stream into this space through the glass partition separating this space from the adjacent study, making the open plan feel bright and spacious.

To create something special for this space, a large sliding door fashioned from a single raw wooden slab was designed. Apart from serving as a gateway separating the social and private zones of the home, the door added an artistic touch as a backdrop to the open plan.

Beyond this door, there was originally a long narrow corridor leading to the common bathroom and bedrooms. The corridor was eliminated by creating an interstitial family gathering area at the heart of the home. In turn, this area was separated from the children’s bedroom by an operable folding partition, so both spaces could be combined. Apart from serving to create additional usable space, this gesture allowed the couple be even closer to their child in his earlier years, with the flexibility to transform the space for other uses later.

This project was featured by Home & Decor Singapore on 12 Nov 2018.

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