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For their new Le Petit Society flagship shop at The Paragon, the clients, wanted to retain most of the existing design elements that were present in their first shop, but were also keen to explore new ideas that would give the shop a fresh appeal.


A rainbow motif was chosen to add a playful splash of colour to the shop, not least also as a reflection of one of the brand’s most popular items, their signature rainbow tees. As the shop has a comparatively small frontage to its deep plan, a rainbow walkway was incorporated, beginning at the very entrance of the shop, to entice visitors to explore deeper. “Following the rainbow” around a corner finally culminates in a coloured backdrop that has proven to be a very popular photo-taking corner for Instagram-ing parents!


Copper elements that had been used more sparingly in their first shop have also been played up. Suspended clothing racks of varying heights and finished in satin copper add an elegance to the shop that belies its focus not just on children’s clothing, but also on apparel for young parents. 

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