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The brief was to transform an aging 3-room HDB unit into a modern studio apartment for a young married couple.


To begin, the layout of the flat was entirely redesigned to suit the couple’s unique lifestyle needs. 


The original wall between the living area and the adjacent bedroom was removed and an operable folding glass door was designed in its place. This doubled the size of the living area, while giving the couple the flexibility to close off the original bedroom space when required. This was ideal for the couple, who often host gatherings, and also as they had no immediate plans to utilise the additional bedroom.


The original unit had a relatively large kitchen for its small size. The couple decided that this was unnecessary, so the kitchen was reduced in size in order to create space for a larger dining area. The resulting dining space was able to accommodate an oversized 2.2m long marble dining table alongside a dry pantry. The entrance into the master bedroom was cleverly concealed to neaten the space, while the addition of a wooden ceiling gave the dining area a warm touch that made it perfect for cosy meals and nighttime family gatherings.


There were many other interesting touches added to the home, such as the use of patterned glass and coloured drawers. In addition, vertical sliding windows were designed and paired with top-down bottom-up blinds at the front of the home. This was a perfect solution for the corridor HDB unit, allowing light and ventilation to be received from the top half of the windows, while ensuring that privacy can be maintained by keeping the lower half of the blinds drawn. 

This project was featured by Home & Decor Singapore on 14 Nov 2018.

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