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We were tasked by the clients to transform the unit, located on the first storey of a light industrial building, into a chic car showroom. 


Besides budgetary constraints, we were also restricted by the small floor area of the unit, so a minimalist design approach was taken to keep the space uncluttered and feeling as spacious as possible. With artwork of cars lining both walls of the showroom, a gallery-like setting was created so that visitors could feel at ease while viewing the cars on display.


The rows of lights suspended from the ceiling accentuate the curved, metallic bodies of the cars. Wooden louvres neatly conceal the office and storage spaces on the second storey, while also acting as a backdrop on which the showroom’s main signage could be mounted on.


Below, a curved backdrop at the rear of the unit breaks up the regular, orthogonal space nicely, while also setting an ideal stage for car photography.

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